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Being a woman of color pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience was often an arduous and growth-provoking experience. The Black Doctoral Network (BDN) helped to provide a forum for networking and community building by which I was able to connect with peers of similar research endeavors. This fostered my own personal growth as well as facilitated sharing of similar experiences, advice on career advancement, and critical review of my thesis manuscript.

Alexandria A. Wise-Brown, Ph.D.
Principle Medical Science Director @ Genentech



There is nothing so powerful and sublime as the organized combination of intellect, compassion, and vision. When we the Black Doctoral Network come together the earth moves quicker and our precious youth smile with hunger and hope!


A major strength of the Black Doctoral Network derives from the participation of seasoned scholars in mentoring relationships with undergraduate students. Besides being representative of the students they will mentor, these scholars also have exemplary research, teaching, and service records and have demonstrated a genuine commitment to serving students. 

They offer personal support including academic and professional advisement, feedback on research projects, and the development of professional skills (teamwork, networking, work ethic, project planning and, implementation). 

These factors streamline the graduate school process and increase both the retention and completion rates of black graduate students. 


Launched in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, The Black Doctoral Network (BDN) is a multidisciplinary clearinghouse for black and Latino scholars and professionals in the Social Sciences, STEM, and Humanities. BDN carved out for itself an empowered position in black and Latino communities to mitigate the achievement gap among persons at all education levels, challenge persistent negative stereotypes of black and Latino achievement, answer the call for diversity in the academe and corporations while bridging the gap between theory and practices informing extant understandings of disparate outcomes along the lines of race and ethnicity.


The Black Doctoral Network is paving the way to change academic culture, providing an alternative model even as it guides the next generation of African American scholars. Creating a community of scholars, thinkers, and intellectuals committed to advancing important conversations and producing transformative knowledge, BDN is an extension of the primary mission of higher education. Functioning as a resource, a support system, a space of intellectual exchange, and a place to create connections and develop collaborations.
Who we are
The Black Doctoral Network (BDN) is a non-profit organization that cultivates multidisciplinary intellectual capital and supports the next generation of scholars. It promotes intellectual curiosity and transformative research, and serves as a bridge between scholars, disciplines, academic universities, and the community, as well as connecting higher education with corporate America.
11 Years and Running
34K Interconnected Scholars
Evidence Based Practitioners

BDN functions as a resource, a support system and as a space of intellectual exchange.

The Black Doctoral Network's mission is to support and promote the academic and professional success of Black scholars and educators through networking, mentoring, and professional development opportunities.
The Black Doctoral Network envisions a world where Black scholars are fully represented, supported, and celebrated in higher education and academia. We envision a community of scholars who are empowered to achieve their full potential, to make meaningful contributions to their fields, and to create positive social change through their research and professional endeavors. We see a future where Black scholars are valued for their unique perspectives and experiences, and where they are provided with the resources and support, they need to succeed at every stage of their academic and professional careers. Through our collective efforts, we will work to create a more just and equitable society for all Black people.
The Black Doctoral Network values the promotion and support of excellence and diversity in graduate education, research, and scholarship among Black scholars. We believe in the importance of fostering a community of scholars who are committed to advancing knowledge and creating positive social change through their research and professional endeavors. Additionally, the organization values the cultivation of mentorship and networking opportunities for Black scholars at all levels of their academic and professional careers. 
1) Address problems specific to people of color gaining access to and matriculating through the academy;
2) Create mentoring relationships and pipelines among academics, professionals, graduate students, undergraduates, high school students, and middle school students;
3) Share resources, scholarships, and grant opportunities;
4) Provide interested companies and individuals with diverse, highly-qualified professionals, scholars, and experts;
5) Assist universities seeking candidates to apply to their universities and graduate programs that have diverse and culturally rich backgrounds;
6) Provide organizations and nonprofits with potential board members; 
7) Create and maintain a network of professionals and academic excellence; 
8) Create and develop events and conferences to highlight and award scholarship that extends beyond the academic institutions and help the body politics; 
9) Help with the fulfillment of positions in corporate America and develop relationships with entities attempting to ensure diversity and inclusion within their companies;
10) Collaborate with organizations, associations, foundations, and individuals with similar interests, visions, and goals.

By providing a common space for multiple disciplines and fields, BDN accomplishes a unification of both scholars and practitioners with distinct perspectives that enables people with varying expertise to network, collaborate, and discover.

We continue to challenge the persistent negative stereotypes of black achievement, to answer the call for diversity in university and professional organizations, while bridging the gap between academic theory and the real world.

Saturday, April 20, 2024
Los Angeles, California

BDN Western Regional Conference

The Black Doctoral Network Western Regional Conference will take place on Saturday, April 20, 2024 and is hosted by Loyola Marymount University. This event promises to be an incredible opportunity for networking, learning, and professional development. The Black Doctoral Network brings together scholars, researchers, and professionals from across the country to share their knowledge and experiences, and to support one another in achieving their academic and career goals.
Applying Research and Transforming Communities

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Through the intergenerational structure of mentorship and networking, we create a pipeline of excellence from professors to graduate students to college students. BDN leverages the personal interest and energy of members of exceptional scholars into a collaborative, functional community.

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