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Our members.

The Ph.Ds

Through the intergenerational, multidiscipline structure of BDN’s network we have created a pipeline of excellence from professors and professionals to graduate and undergraduate students. BDN leverages the personal interest and energy of members of exceptional scholars into a collaborative, functional community. Including Dr. William Julius Wilson, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Khalil Muhammad, and Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall just to name a few.
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BDN functions as a resource, a support system and as a space of intellectual exchange.

There is nothing so powerful and sublime as the organized combination of intellect, compassion, and vision. When we the Black Doctoral Network come together the earth moves quicker and our precious youth smile with hunger and hope!

Dr. Cornel West
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Spotlight Profiles

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Assistant Professor
Indiana University Southeast"
Criminology & Criminal Justice Department 


Associate Professor of Equity & Inclusion in Education 
Vanderbilt Peabody College 


Associate Professor of Higher Education
Forbes 30 Under 30, Class of 2016 
UC Chancellor's Program Postdoctoral Fellow


Program Manager at Seminole Tribe of Florida


Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator
UNCF/Merck Postdoctoral Fellow Laboratory of K. Pienta, M.D. The James Brady Urological Institute Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Senior Engineer, The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Graduate Students

BDN is leading the next generation of Black graduate students and scholars to reach new heights.
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A major strength of the Black Doctoral Network derives from the participation of advanced academics in mentoring relationships with graduate students of color.
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College and University administrators’ efforts to diversify higher education by finding qualified candidates that reflect our country’s multi-cultural landscape for does not have to be a challenging endeavor.
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Innovation has become more of a key differentiator for the world’s largest companies. Leading organizations know that having a diverse workforce is critical to driving the creation and execution of new products, services, and business processes. BDN is the answer to your diversity question. BDN provides a comprehensive pool of Black scholars from which companies can find their next mid-level manager with the intellectual background and critical thinking framework that could push toward and inform innovation and change.
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Let’s talk about your road 

Earning my doctorate was an arduous process punctuated by the unsettling twists and turns, ups and downs of being both a full-time graduate student and middle school math teacher. I was often vulnerable and fearful about my ability to successfully navigate the political, social, and intellectual terrain of Academe. Almost on cue, the Black Doctoral Network (BDN) was founded at a time when I sincerely needed community and role models who understood the specific challenges I faced as a doctoral student of color at a predominately White institution. I’ve found strength. I’ve found encouragement. I’ve found my voice. Best of all, I’ve found that being a member of BDN has given me the opportunity to reach back and pull other brothers and sisters along who care deeply about the issues affecting Black men, women, and children. The strength of our organization lies in the convening of Black thought leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers representative of every facet of our society, all in one place.

Chezare A. Warren, Ph.D. 

Vanderbilt Peabody College 
Associate Professor of Equity & Inclusion in Education Policy, Department of Leadership, 
Policy, and Organizations
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