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As a 501c3, the Black Doctoral Network (BDN) is a long-term investment strategy to support the intellectual growth and contributions of scholars from the segments of our society that are grossly under-represented in the universities from which all our major institutions draw.

Make BDN a permanent line item on your corporate social impact strategy. Building a diverse body of talent requires a real commitment to supporting organizations that help encourage and undergird those individuals. Support BDN this year and every year. 


True change requires uncomfortable conversations and consultation from the most accredited, diversity experts available. BDN has the talent and expertise corporations need but normally wouldn’t be able to find.

BDN brings a fresh approach to a painful legacy issue, providing the
partnership and expertise needed to create a culture that celebrates and thrives through diversity. Through our consultative approach and pool of talent excellence, BDN helps make DEI and cultural aspirations a reality.


For businesses who realize the critical importance of a more inclusive organization and aren’t afraid to take meaningful action, we are the partner that can deliver. 

Our team uses advanced tools and systems, like our Assessment of Corporate Cultural Intelligence, to understand your business needs. We start by collecting political and cultural data to examine bias. Then, we provide a customized, transformational plan of action to help develop healthy and anti-racist organizational cultures. And finally, we keep a pulse on progress through our reassessment post-implementation. 

Our Diverse approach to solving Diversity challenges

Transparency & Accountability
Understanding & Awareness
Education & Continuous Learning
Community & Client Impact



At BDN, we believe in building diversity now. Not next week. Not in a year. But from the moment you partner with us. We accelerate the urgency of equity the right way with the right experts. Giving you access to professionals across a range of disciplines, credentials and, industries who can open your organization to a new way of thinking. As well as helping to place talent in your organization pulling from a network of 32,000+ Black and Latinx leaders, Ph.D. scholars and practitioners. So that transformation from the inside out can happen seemingly overnight.

Accelerate Diversity in Higher Education

Despite increased efforts to diversify institutions of higher education, there is still a palpable racial and ethnic disparity at all levels of the academy: student body, faculty, administration, and governance. Black and Latino students experience limited access to higher education and have few educational opportunities that are necessary for success. There is a dearth of minority faculty across all disciplines and a minimal percentage of university leaders. 

We know that meaningful change does not come easy. But it’s worth the journey. Don’t be left behind.With BDN you can accelerate change and blaze a trail to a culture that thrives through diversity. We are Here. Partner Today!
BDN - Build Diversity Now


2020 was an inflection point. We could no longer overlook or dismiss centuries of injustice. We demanded change. But change doesn’t come easy. It’s hard work. And bravery. It requires uncomfortable conversations and acknowledging unconscious biases. And it is an absolute imperative. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion mean everything to the well-being of society and the success of companies willing to be at the forefront of progress. Because diversity is more than a quota. More than an agenda. When it comes to the health and growth of your business, university or organization, diversity is everything.
Diversity on Purpose
At BDN, we believe diversity is everything. So we brought together a team that delivers everything your organization needs to exceed your DEI goals. We’re professionals across a range of disciplines, credentials and industries. Who’ve implemented a fundamental change in complicated business environments. Experts who understand diversity at its core. With access to a network of 32,000+ Black and Latinx leaders, Ph.D. scholars, and practitioners. Capable of transforming companies from the inside out, creating a culture that celebrates and thrives through diversity.
11 Years of Experience
34k Doctoral and Advanced Degree Holders
Data-Informed Decision Making

When Corporations and Universities make diversity and inclusion a priority, their next stop is the BDN community.

For years, companies have been talking about resolving racial inequities and becoming positive driving forces within culture. For most, these commitments have led to many words and few actions. The social outcry stemming from recent atrocities has lifted racial issues to a C-level agenda item, making difficult conversations easier to bridge. The Black Doctoral Network (BDN) is a solution to corporations genuinely seeking to address racial inequities. 
Executive leadership knows that DEI work is difficult, complex, and uncomfortable. From an emotional standpoint, companies want to do things quickly — they see this as a moment in time (reactionary). In their haste to “do something”,  organizations will rush to fill positions and check boxes that do not address the systemic and cultural issues preventing them from meeting DEI aspirations.
While D&I leaders are hired to address diversity problems within organizations, they face a few factors that limit their effectiveness. First, the definition of diversity has become so broad to where inequities in racial and ethnic diversity (especially BIPOC) can be masked by or aggregated with others. Second, some D&I leaders care more about protecting their position than making a real impact within their organization. Fearful of quantifying the problem, they’d rather reflect positively-trending numbers that show favorably on them and their positions. Also, telling the truth about diversity numbers means letting the skeletons out of the closet, which many organizations are uncomfortable doing.
BDN has exclusive emotional and professional access to highly engaged consultants and talent audiences who have chosen to participate our network. These audiences combine thinking with real world experience from the foremost academics, practitioners, and industry professionals across a wide range of disciplines to bring the unique perspective needed to solve cultural DEI issues providing a different and deeper perspective.
Given the ever-evolving technological advancements within the labor market, it is critical for organizations to identify and solve problems and challenges that meet diverse stakeholder needs. BDN doctorates possess the skill sets of creating and executing extensive data analysis to drive particular impacts and outcomes within any given circumstance as well as engaging relevant stakeholders in the fact-finding process. These individuals are exposed to various cognitive processes to identify solutions to a number of challenges. With over 34k interconnected scholars, we can help.  Reach out and let’s begin creating your solutions.


BDN is a 501c3

Partnership and Sponsorship opportunities exist for companies and individuals that value the educational pursuits of our membership. Your support helps BDN continue to provide underrepresented students and scholars the support and assistance they need to pursue and achieve their goals. 
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