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Black Scholars matter.

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Excellence in scholarship, Exercised in practice, as the expected outcome.

By fostering connections across disciplines, the BDN unlocks the key to producing innovative and groundbreaking knowledge.
We have created a pipeline of excellence that extends from professors and professionals to graduate and undergraduate students.

BDN's goal is to encourage deep connections that are currently hindered by academic isolation and fragmentation of intellectual resources.

We serve as a clearinghouse for Black and Latino scholars and professionals in the Social Sciences, STEM, and Humanities. BDN is a conduit between talented scholars, researchers, practitioners, and institutions that are serious about diversity and inclusion.

Management Team

Dr. Deandra Taylor
Executive Director
Waajida L. Small Ph.D
Director of People and Culture
Detra German, D.B.A., MBA,
Director of Business Development
Lynda Gibson PhD
Deputy Director
Maurice Green Ph.D
Founding Managing Director
Dyncie M. Valdez, MSW
Senior Manager of Academic Partnerships
Dr. Pia L. Scott, LPC, GCDF
Director of Membership Services
Mr. Zachary Thomas
Special Assistant to the Managing Director
Brittany A. Henry, Ph.D., LMFT
Director of Grant Programs
Mr. Keon Barney
Business Development Coordinator
Mr. Van Havercome
Manager of Institutional Partnerships
Kaya Hamer-Small Ph.D
Director of University Partnerships
Matthew Carter
Student Membership Specialist

Advisory Board

Dr. Julianne Malveaux
California State University, Los Angeles

Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall
Spelman College

Dr. Jamal Watson

Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi
George Mason University

Dr. Cornel West
Union Theological Seminary

Dr. Khalil G. Muhummad
Harvard Kennedy School

Dr. N’Dri Assie-Lumumba
Cornell University

Adryanna Sutherland MBA
Bright and Early LLC

Donell Henry
Strategic Business Development

Stephanie Mohorn
BDN Chief of Staff

Dr. Kalinda Ukanwa
University of Southern California

Dr. Skyller Walkes
Columbia University


BDN members can be found in the corporate, government, non-profit, and consulting arenas. As a networked non-profit, BDN is able to drive social change through the innovative and savvy use of social media to engage the public, build relationships and trust, and increase the number of interconnected members, thinkers, and ideators throughout the world.
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